Dialogue between Government and Opposition Restarts Next Wednesday

Picture by: EFE

Caracas, 13 Nov. AVN.- The President of the Republic, Nicolas Maduro, confirmed that a dialogue process with the Venezuelan opposition will be held next Wednesday in the Dominican Republic.

This information was provided by the President in his TV show, Los domingos con Maduro, where he explained that the delegation will be chaired by Jorge Rodriguez on behalf of the National Government.

To date, a total of 338 calls for dialogue and peace to the Venezuelan opposition have been made since 2013 by President Maduro. This year, the President made 269 invitations to the right to find a solution to the problems through a dialogue process.

For the Mesa de la Unidad Democratica (MUD) the parties Primero Justicia, Voluntad Popular, Vente Venezuela, Accion Democratica and Un Nuevo Tiempo will attend, according to the information provided by the Head of State.

"The solution to the problems cannot be confrontation, sterile confrontation, violence. Let's look for peace through politics, through elections, through dialogue," said the President.

Dialogue route

The first approach in the Dominican Republic was held on September 13 after the President of the Republic, with the interest of consolidating the stability of the country, accepted the invitation of the former Spanish President, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero and the government of the Dominican Republic, led by Danilo Medina.

That time, issues related to the sovereignty of the country, the rejection to interventionist actions against Venezuela, as well as a timetable and electoral guarantees for the regional and municipal elections were discussed.

Also, during that meeting it was agreed that the representatives of the national government and the Venezuelan opposition would hold a new meeting on September 27, accompanied by a commission integrated by Mexico, Chile, Bolivia and Nicaragua. The Venezuelan opposition refused to attend the second exploratory meeting.

In 2016, a dialogue meeting was held on the initiative of the National Executive, in order to solve the political and economic situation in the country. Although a work route was agreed between the government and the opposition, the Venezuelan right left the negotiating meeting.

13/11/2017 - 05:36 pm