Maduro: Constituent Assembly is Venezuela's only charter to strengthen peace


Caracas, 11 Ago. AVN.- The National Constituent Assembly (ANC; Spanish acronym) is Venezuela's only charter to achieve national peace and begin a constructive dialogue to find structural solutions to existing problems and respond to the demands of the people, said Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro Thursday.

At the Federal Legislative Palace, in Caracas, where the third session of the ANC was held, the head of state recalled that the country was subjected for 120 days from the beginning of last April to a violent and terrorist agenda, led by opposition leaders as part of a coup plot.

The ambition of this sector to take power, through an unconstitutional way, took the lives of more than 100 Venezuelans, plus injuries to more than a thousand people and millions of damages to public and private property.

President Maduro said that despite repeated calls for dialogue as a way to resolve differences, the opposition refused and remained stuck with the terrorist plan, so it was necessary to call for a national constituent assembly, whose members were elected in universal, direct and secret elections on July 30, and which had a turnout of 8,089,320 Venezuelans.

"The National Constituent Assembly arrived at the right moment to defend our people, to do justice, taking into account the serious threats that our country has faced," with undue attacks from the outside under the command of the American empire, which has issued orders of coups d'etat in Latin America, he denounced.

Law against political violence

In the activity, the President introduced a draft law, to be debated among ANC members, in order to stop the campaign of hatred and violence promoted by extremist sectors of the opposition.

"The time has come to overcome hate, intolerance, violence, persecution. The time has come, to punish hate crimes, intolerance, in all its forms of expressions to definitively finish them through a great political process, to create awareness, and through very severe laws. Let us begin a great campaign against hatred," he said.

"This law has a goal, to seek the reunion, reunification, harmony and peace of all Venezuelans. To find it, through reunion, mutual recognition, and forgiveness, through justice," President added at the special session of the National Constituent Assembly.

In this regard, he proposed this bill to be discussed next week by all popular power or organized communities, then approved by "consensus and unanimity for the country."

In this bill, President Maduro proposed that all those who call for violent actions and create chaos and anxiety among citizens, will be punished with 15 to 25 years in prison.

President further delivered another draft law to shield the 1999 Constitution.

"I, as I promised, wish to present to this great National Constituent Assembly, my draft Constitution for the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, the project we approved in 1999, that is my project, that is our project, to perfect the 1999 Constitution," he said.

He also proposed to the ANC to begin a constituent military process, to consolidate the Bolivarian doctrine; as well as the inclusion of a chapter for women in the Magna Carta.

11/08/2017 - 12:50 pm