Maduro: Let's prepare for a peaceful and democratic victory


Caracas, 20 Abr. AVN.- Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro called Wednesday on revolutionary people to prepare for a total, peaceful and democratic victory over the coup promoted by the Venezuelan right, supported by foreign factors.

"I want to win this battle and I want people to prepare to win it in peace and with votes, to prepare ourselves for a full and electoral victory," he said before a massive rally of the Chavista people on Avenida Bolivar, downtown Caracas.

The president said that peace and people triumphed again over attempts by vandal groups to foster violence in the country, as they tried to do this Wednesday.

He said this march praised the anti-imperialist nature of the Venezuelan patriotic people, who this April 19th commemorates 207 years of the first cry for freedom in Venezuela, when it marked the beginning of the struggle for independence of Spanish rule on 19 April 1810.

In this regard, he called for coexistence and productive work to consolidate the sovereign nature of the country.

"Venezuela needs to work, produce and be all united. It needs harmony, coexistence, peace, love, to build a productive nation that contributes to the supreme happiness of the Venezuelan people," Maduro said.

National Dialogue

At this popular rally held in Caracas, President Maduro called on all opposition sectors wishing to dialogue to work together towards peace of the country.

The president ordered the socialist leaders Elias Jaua, Delcy and Jorge Rodriguez to arrange meetings with opposition sectors committed to the search for alternatives for coexistence. In addition, T.V. journalist Jose Vicente Rangel and constitutional lawyer Hermann Escarra will serve as advisors in this process.

"I want peace, work, well-being and happiness for the homeland, education and culture for children and a powerful peace movement," he said.

He said that to face the coup plans conducted by some sectors of the right with the support of the US State Department, will promote more vigorously this process of national dialogue. "We always have to try," he said.

Popular Mobilization

President Nicolas Maduro warned of the three reasons why opposition sectors decided to carry out that coup-plot offensive against the country.

The first reason is to overthrow the Bolivarian Government by launching a spiral of violence, under supervision of axes of power of the United States. The second objective of the coup plot is to prevent materialization of the country's economic recovery process.

While the third reason is that the right promotes violence to hide their failure after 2015 parliamentary elections. "Moral misery, revenge on the country because they went down," he said.

For this reason, he urged to maintain mobilization of people to neutralize the coup plan promoted by opposition sectors.

He emphasized that popular awareness is necessary to face the new destabilizing plans aimed at overthrowing his government with the support of the US State Department.

20/04/2017 - 11:59 am