Nobel Peace laureate denounces Venezuelan opposition responds to US interests


Caracas, 10 Ago. AVN.- In full harmony with what Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has repeatedly said, the Argentinean Nobel Peace Prize winner, Adolfo Perez Esquivel said that the anti-Chavez opposition is in the interests of the United States and Trump intends to overthrow Chavismo to keep the large resources of that country. He also said that the deaths these days have to do with the violence led by the opposition.

Perez Esquivel said that "Venezuela's situation has been armed for a long time, not only now with Maduro, but since the time of Hugo Chavez. This must be taken into account. The European, U.S. and Latin American newspapers are against the Bolivarian process, because the United States does not allow any country to leave their orbit."

In an interview for the Spanish magazine Critica, the Argentine recalled that the case of Venezuela is not the first case, "this is the case of Cuba, with more than 50 years of blockade. It shows that when a country wants its sovereignty and independence be respected, all these kinds of attacks begin. This has to do with everything that happens to us in Latin America," he explained.

After mentioning the paradigmatic drowning of Cuba, he went on to exemplify with other cases of the region, "the so-called soft coups. The coup in Honduras, Paraguay, destabilization in Brazil, and extreme right-wing governments to condition and repress workers," he added.

The Nobel Peace Prize laureate also stated that "Trump's interventionism is brazen. He does not respect the right of sovereignty of the peoples, and applies sanctions as if he were an emperor. Let's hope there is no armed intervention, because that would cause chaos throughout the continent."

He added, "the case of Venezuela must be watched within this context. Unfortunately, many have been killed, but I think they are provoked by the opposition to Maduro. The media say nothing about it, and even the opposition –with Molotov bombs– burned and killed people. In the context of a campaign that has already taken many years," he said.

"They want to overthrow, and not negotiate or reach a concrete agreement, with the horizon of the elections that should take place next year in Venezuela. And they do not want to get to that. They want to overthrow Maduro's government at all costs. In other words: Chavismo bothers them. And this has to do with the United States wanting to take over the country's oil resources. And with Chavismo, that's impossible," Perez Esquivel said.

10/08/2017 - 06:01 pm