Political parties endorse audit results for regional elections


Caracas, 05 Oct. AVN.- Venezuelan political parties that will participate in the regional elections this October 15 expressed their satisfaction with the results of the audits carried out to test the electoral system, in order to improve the transparency of the process.

At a press conference at the National Electoral Council (CNE), Caracas, held Wednesday, Nicanor Moscoso, president of the Council of Electoral Specialists of Latin America (CEELA), explained that parties from both the Government and the opposition "signed the minutes of verification that each of the processes being audited, fully comply with each of its phases."

He said that a group of more than 20 former presidents, former vice presidents and magistrates of Latin American electoral bodies will be scattered throughout the country to monitor regional elections.

Moscoso affirmed that CEELA is a reliable body that participated in more than 70 elections and observed more than 300 elections in Latin America.

"Our message is for all Venezuelans to participate actively, to use the extraordinary electoral system they have set up so that their will is determined by whoever governs in each of their states, we will be there to accompany them," he said.

As for the discredit campaign against the CNE, he said that it follows a political manipulation of electoral propaganda by certain political parties. "Sometimes we see political organizations or candidates that attack the electoral body and as soon as they win the elections they forget about this issue and obey the result as it happens in our countries."

Until the day of the elections, CEELA will remain in the regional offices of the CNE to talk with the electoral authorities, in order to observe the development of the process.

"We will continue with the audits. Another group will meet with candidates, we will hold press conferences and communications with different political parties," said Guillermo Francisco Reyes Gonzalez, a member of the organization, explaining that the Venezuelan electoral system shows a significant progress in the technological sector.

"They have things we would also like to appropriate like audits , which are very important. I believe (CNE) it is an electoral authority that responded to a very complex political situation and they have been strengthening on issues where they were very fragile: a great structure, has enough resources to develop with authority the electoral process," he said.


05/10/2017 - 04:19 pm