Political Parties endorsed transparency and reliability of Electoral System


Caracas, 03 Oct. AVN.- So far, the Venezuelan electoral system has carried out a total of seven audits for the October 15 elections, when the 23 new governors of the country will be chosen.

As always at the end of each of these system revisions, corresponding minutes were made, detailing each of the steps performed during the process. In addition, possible observations are made in writing, if necessary.

These minutes are signed by the staff of the National Electoral Council (CNE) and the electoral technicians appointed by the political parties.

During the review procedures carried out so far, technicians from both the Electoral Power and political organizations have consistently signed up on the satisfactory results of the tests, which represents the greatest guarantee of transparency and effectiveness of the Venezuelan electoral system.

For the October 15 elections, more than 10 audits are expected to be held.

Since August 16, audits have been carried out on: Electoral Register, voting machines software, verification of files and configuration of machines, electoral data, ballot papers and production of electronic ballot boxes, endorsed by electoral officials of participating parties.

Only the following pending audits remain on the electoral schedule: software that will be used to calculate votes (October 2), electoral technological infrastructure (October 5 and 6), electronic ballot boxes (October 10), Totalization System (October 13, 14 and 15), Telecommunications Phase I (October 14).

On the day of the elections, the citizen verification will be carried out, and the audit of Phase II Telecommunications (October 16) and the voter registration data of the Phase II voting machine (November 1 to 4) will be carried out after the voting.


03/10/2017 - 11:35 am