Right-wing coup plot includes promoting hate in social media, minister says


Caracas, 18 Abr. AVN.- Venezuela's Minister of Communication and Information, Ernesto Villegas, denounced Monday the right-wing is running a campaign to promote especially in social media violence and fascism, as part of a coup plot.

"The pre-coup conditions are there. They are mainly emotional conditions, they pretend the only message ... is the avalanche of hate they pour into social networks," he said in an interview with state media.

He recalled that before the coup d'etat the right hatched on April 11, 2002 against Commander Hugo Chavez, the right wing launched a campaign in private media to create an atmosphere of instability.

"Mainstream media managed to shock society, but at one point a party heavily influenced by conventional media did not even want to hear or listen to."

Just as in 2002, the right urged supporters to take to the streets for alleged political demands and then to seek –though violence– the unconstitutional overthrow of Venezuela's president Nicolas Maduro, elected by majority, Villegas said, who lamented the lack of responsibility among opposition spokesmen.

"We have not had a serious opposition that respects itself, that wants the country."

Likewise, he said that in 2002 coup d'etat, the people, who in a civil-military insurrection restored the constitutionality of the country two days later, has greater strength and awareness.

"They are very afraid the Bolivarian project will recover itself in every order, in the economic field, in the political field, in the human field and in the electoral field."

He reaffirmed the Bolivarian Revolution is the only one that can empower the country and consolidate a diversified economy to overcome the oil rentier model inherited from previous governments. "The Bolivarian project is the project aimed at radically transforming the country, this project is the only project offering goals, a project of joint vocation to the country."

18/04/2017 - 12:44 pm