Sucre satellite to be launched into space Sunday midnight


Caracas, 05 Oct. AVN.- The space launch of the Antonio Jose de Sucre Satellite will take place during midnight on Sunday, 12 noon in China, and will enter orbit early Monday, October 9, said the director of Space Research and Innovation of the Bolivarian Agency for Space Activities (or ABAE), Rixio Morales, in statements to the Venezuelan News Agency (AVN).

Morales explained that if the weather conditions are favorable, the launch will be done without problems at the set time, otherwise, they have a lapse of three days to carry it out.

The Antonio Jose de Sucre satellite, known by the acronym VRSS-2, is the third that Venezuela will put into orbit. It will be launched from the Asian nation's Jiuquan Satellite Center, to be placed in a synchronous solar orbit (SSO) at a distance of about 650 kilometers from Earth.

This high-tech tool, consolidated by the country through its agreements with the People's Republic of China, will facilitate the development of health, mining and oil, civil protection and disaster prevention, agriculture, environment and planning tasks in priority areas for the nation.


05/10/2017 - 12:05 pm