As in Ukraine, the right uses violence in Venezuela to try to overthrow government


Caracas, 15 May. AVN.- Just as in the Ukrainian coup against President Viktor Yanukovych in 2014, some sectors of the right promote violence to seize political power of the country, a group of internationalists and communication experts said Friday.

During the special TV program called Venezuela and Ukraine, the same script –broadcast by state media– internationalist, Laila Tajeldine, recalled how fascist groups with US support carried out violent street actions to develop a media campaign that would justify a coup against democratic president of Ukraine.

"Before that coup, this process of Yanukovych was already warning of neo-fascist actors trying to impose themselves on the territory of Ukraine, there was an international (agglomeration) that was financing them, that was training them and later we saw how it ended in a coup d'etat, which was also preceded by violent actions on the streets," she said.

In this way, the US government has developed a range of tactics to push for a coup, she said. "They are applying them in another way, as in the case of Venezuela."

In this regard, the German journalist Andres Scheer said that Ukrainian opposition factors conducted the protest under specific demands and gradually employed radical groups that made easy for them to directly attack the legal government of that nation.

"Here in Venezuela there were also peaceful demonstrations of the opposition with concrete demands but that every day are replacing peaceful demonstrations with violent outbreaks, closing avenues, selective killings ... it is obvious that there are parallels and we must ask ourselves who benefits from this? who is behind the violence?"

Given the differences in the political context of Ukraine and the current situation in Venezuela, the onslaught of violence derives from the existence of independent states rejecting the interventionist claims of imperial powers such as the European Union, Germany or the United States.

"If we talk about parallels, there are some, as in Ukraine and Venezuela there are governments that did not meet the demands of the empires ... that need or ask for servile governments," said Scheer, highlighting the role media play by projecting small hotbeds of violence, such as large waves of protest.

"That's crucial because if I portray a violent hotbed as a popular demonstration I'm already building a biased opinion."

Antonio Fraje, a member of the UK journalists' union, explained that conventional media develops a campaign of lies and defamation against progressive governments and justify violence. "It is indispensable for these neo-fascist groups to distract attention and justify their aggressions."

15/05/2017 - 05:24 pm