Venezuela rejects Germany support for opposition leaders urging intervention


Caracas, 07 Sep. AVN.- Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza expressed on Wednesday his rejection of German government's support for Venezuelan opposition leaders, who are touring the European continent demanding measures putting the stability of the Venezuelan people at risk.

"We suggest Chancellor (Angela) Merkel learn objectively about Venezuela. Our embassy is pleased to provide any further information," he said through his Twitter account.

On Monday, Arreaza delivered protest notes to the ambassadors of Spain, Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom, to reject the interference of their governments in the internal affairs of the Caribbean country.

Arreaza also urged the German government "to abandon its biased position on Venezuela. Its international credibility is in doubt."

"President Nicolas Maduro has repeatedly called the opposition for dialogue. We regret that the German government ignores it," he wrote on the social network.

Julio Borges and Freddy Guevara, activists of the Venezuelan opposition, make a tour of Europe (Spain, France and Germany) calling for intervention against Venezuela.

07/09/2017 - 11:14 am