UNASUR evaluates security policies of the region

During the 4th meeting of the South American Security Council of UNASUR, held in Caracas, ministers and delegates from member countries evaluate policies to reduce crime rates in the region, as well as border offenses, said Venezuela's Minister for Interior Relations, Justice and Peace...

Venezuela rejects threats from imperial powers against countries of the region

Venezuela's foreign minister, Delcy Rodriguez, denounced a campaign of blackmail and pressure against her country within the Organization of American States (OAS), whose member states met Tuesday to address the situation of the country.

Venezuela denounces coup d'etat promoted within OAS

Within the Organization of American States (OAS) imperial factors promote a coup d'etat in Venezuela, denounced the Venezuelan ambassador to this body, Samuel Moncada.

Venezuela defeated US imperialist ambitions at OAS

Venezuela won Tuesday a major victory at the Organization of American States (OAS), after not applying the Inter-American Democratic Charter or the interventionist report promoted by the United States and Mexico against the country of Simon Bolivar, said Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro.

Attacks against Venezuela seek to end sovereignty and democratic model

The attacks and interventionist maneuvers conceived by external factors and supported by the national right, against the Venezuelan state have as their sole purpose to end the democratic model that seeks independence and self-determination of peoples, promoted by the Bolivarian Revolution, said...

Venezuela warns internal rules are violated at OAS

The meeting scheduled for Tuesday, March 28, by the Permanent Council of the Organization of American States (OAS) to address Venezuela's internal affairs without its consent, violates and infringes the norms of that body, warns the Venezuelan ambassador to the OAS, Samuel Moncada.

New complementary exchange system to take place next week

Venezuela's president Nicolas Maduro, announced Monday that a new model of complementary foreign exchange system (Dicom) will take place next week.

Expo Venezuela Power 2017 energizes development of new economic model

The Expo Venezuela Power 2017 has served as a revitalizing element for the development of the new diversified economic model, which includes the joint effort of public and private sectors and organized communities, best known as popular power, in order to strengthen Venezuela's productive apparatus.

Venezuela endorses proposal for OPEC heads of state summit

Venezuela requested on Sunday the Joint OPEC/Non-OPEC Ministerial Monitoring Committee to hold a summit for heads of states to defend stability of oil market.

Venezuela calls for OAS session to be suspended Tuesday

Venezuela calls for suspension of the session scheduled by the Organization of American States (OAS) for Tuesday, March 28, on the grounds that said session aims to violate OAS regulations.
Miércoles 29/03

La OEA aún interviene en defensa de la vieja democracia de élites

La necesidad de instaurar un nuevo modelo político que cortara con la caducada representatividad del Estado en América Latina, promocionada fundamentalmente desde la OEA, dio paso al protagonismo del pueblo en todas las instancias de decisión y de poder en los países de la región