123 new projects agreed through China-Venezuela agreement

Through the signing of agreements with the People's Republic of China, 123 mining, iron and wood projects will be carried out by the Ministry of Basic, Strategic and Socialist Industries, said Monday Venezuela's Vice Minister of Industrial Planning and Strategic Investments, Marcial Arenas.

Govt. strengthens economic policies to boost non-traditional exports

Export economic policies, one of the pillars of the new economic model that is being built in Venezuela, are focused on strengthening conditions for boosting the sale of Venezuelan products other than hydrocarbons in international markets, Venezuela's Minister for Foreign Trade and Investment...

Venezuelan opposition governor admits talks must continue

Venezuela's Lara state governor, Henri Falcon, an opposition's representative at the dialogue tables created in October 2016, admitted Sunday it is necessary to continue the process of dialogue between government and opposition, to settle political controversies between the parties, although some...

Alliance with China to help supply products in Venezuela border

Venezuela's Vice President of Planning Ricardo Menendez said it was agreed to sell Chery auto parts, telephony and computer products –developed in alliance with China through the High Level Joint Commission– in Venezuelan border cities.

Venezuelan oil rises, ends week at USD $ 46.34

Venezuelan oil basket finished this week at USD $ 46.34 per barrel, an increase of 66 cents compared to last week when it reached $ 45.68, according to a report by the Venezuelan Oil and Mining Ministry.

Lube manufacturer, PDVSA to increase lubricant production

Venezuela's Lubricant Manufacturers Association (Afalub, Spanish acronym) and state oil company PDVSA signed an agreement Thursday to increase production of lubricants in the country.

Venezuela reaffirms commitment to keep respectful relationships with U.S.

Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro reaffirmed on Thursday his commitment to initiate new relations, based on respect, with the US government led by Donald Trump.

$ 62 bln investment in strategic projects shows China's confidence in Venezuela

Through the High Level Joint Commission, Venezuela is engaged with China in 790 projects that have had a financing of USD $ 62 billion, which shows the confidence of the giant country for the country, said Venezuela's Vice President of Planning and Knowledge, Ricardo Menendez, on Thursday.

Housing Mission to deliver next week 1.5 millionth housing unit

Next week, Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro will deliver the 1,500,000 housing unit built through the Great Housing Mission Venezuela, the housing policy of the Bolivarian Government whose goal is to erect three million decent homes by 2019.
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